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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
76569 MYRTACEAE Corymbia maculataEucalyptus oilAustraliaEucalyptus oilPharm Soc GB
76581 MYRTACEAE Corymbia citriodoraLemon scented gum tree oilAustraliaLemon scented gum tree oilPharm Soc GB
76585 MYRTACEAE Corymbia citriodoraEucalyptus oilAustraliaEucalyptus oilPharm Soc GB
76611 MYRTACEAE Corymbia maculataEucalyptus oilEucalyptus oilPharm Soc GB
76621 MYRTACEAE Corymbia maculataSpotted gum oilAustraliaSpotted gum oilPharm Soc GB
76625 MYRTACEAE Corymbia citriodoraCitron scented gum oilAustraliaCitron scented gum oilPharm Soc GB
76642 MYRTACEAE Corymbia tessellarisMoreton Bay ash oilAustraliaMoreton Bay ash oilPharm Soc GB
76648 MYRTACEAE Corymbia trachyphloiaBloodwood oilAustraliaBloodwood oilPharm Soc GB
78800MYRTACEAE Corymbia tessellarisGum and barkAustraliaGum and barkSchool of Chemistry, The University of EdinburghD. E. Symon
78805MYRTACEAE Corymbia calophyllaGumAustraliaGumSchool of Chemistry, The University of Edinburgh

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